Parent Grievances and Support Structure


We are here to ensure that your child is happy and healthy in our care.  If there are any concerns, please let us know!  We have a grievance procedure and a support structure in the foyer for you to follow.


By following this procedure, it gives those involved an opportunity to address any issues and ensure that your concerns are followed through and that you are satisfied with the end result and the action taken.


Should the need arise, you are always welcome to contact the Centre Licensee directly on the below contact details.  All grievances are taken very seriously and we will always ensure the resolution is discussed with the family involved.


We welcome feedback from our families on the standard of care provided at our Centre. Should you have any concerns or require any assistance, please follow our support structure below.


Partnerships between Educators and families are crucial for positive outcomes for our children. We will always try to do our best, and with your help we can work as partners to provide the best possible care for your child.







Important Health Notice

To keep our children and Educators safe during the COVID-19 pandemic our centre is undertaking additional hygiene precautions to ensure a healthy and safe environment. If you have a booking enquiry please phone us for information as we would love to help support you and your family.  Please do not visit the centre if you are feeling unwell.