This is an age where children are learning about themselves, where they fit in the world and how their emotions work. Sometimes the “big” emotions are hard to deal with, and this is where we see temper tantrums. Our Educators support the children through their emotions, working with them to understand and manage these feelings.

Children’s brains are hard-wired to absorb information about the world around them so they can build linguistic, cognitive and social skills. Reading and singing are prominent parts of our day, holistically supporting the children as they develop. Educators also encourage conversations by asking open ended questions and talking to the children as they explore the environment at our centre.

Exploration and play is important because it is how your child learns. Children enjoy playing with others, dress ups, having tea parties, painting with their fingers or a brush. Educators will also help to build children’s confidence by letting them do things themselves so they can feel a sense of pride and satisfaction.

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